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Our Story Of Evolution
Carewell Unani Wellness Centre, the evolving name in the Unani medicine, is located in Manjeri, Malappuram district of Kerala. Established in 2010, the hospital focuses on comprehensive and proven Unani medicinal practices to prevent and cure the ailments, regardless of its gravity and depth.

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Monday – Saturday

9 AM – 7 PM

We specialized in

  •  Unani Ortho Care
  • Unani Neuro Care
  • Unani Gastro Uro Care
  • Unani Allergy/ E.N.T Care
  • Unani Gynec Care

Where ever the art of medicine is loved, There is also a love of humanity.

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Full range of clinic services


Ortho Care

Abnormal wear and tear on the bones and the conditions that cause restriction of motion often hinders the swiftness and natural flow of routines and habits.

Paediatric Care

Infancy is the most important period of human life, Parents should have to take precautions seriously so as to impart a healthy life to their child.

Neuro Care

Ensuring a sound mind is necessary for a life of quality and ease. Finding what is wrong could cure as early as possible. Our Neuro care facilities offer excellent services.

Gynec Care

Gynec care focuses on the health issues and the age-old medicinal practices to cure the ailments of women. We offer better treatments in Gynec care.

Gastro Uro Care

Regular intake of healthy and proper digestion is the exact criteria for healthy life. Prepared strategies and outlook help us to offer excellent Gasto & Uro care to patients.

Male Sexual Care

In order to maintain a healthy sexual life, our experienced veteran doctors provide the best solutions to Male Sexual Problems and dysfunction.

Allergy /E. N. T Care

Unani Allergy/ E.N.T Care focuses on the elimination of allergy-related issues to facilitate a life of ease and comfortableness. We offer better service.

We Care About

Hairfall & Dandruff | Skin | Migraine |Wellness treatments | Lifestyle diseases

De-addiction: Alcohol | Drugs

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Managing Director's Message

Providing patients a cure for their diseases or health conditions that dates back to 6000 years from now is the motive of Carewell Unani Wellness Centre.

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