About Carewell


Carewell Unani Wellness Centre, the evolving name in the Unani medicine, is located in Manjeri, Malappuram district of Kerala. Established in 2010, the hospital focuses on comprehensive and proven Unani medicinal practices to prevent and cure the ailments, regardless of its gravity and depth.

The well trained and experienced Unani medical practitioners with decades of experience in their respective fields work together to provide the best care of excellence to make the world a healthy place to stay. We use the natural herbal formulas to restore the balance of human body to the stability and immunity it requires.



Unani way of treatment and the medicine, with its ages old tradition and heritage, are significant for its comprehensive methods. The treatment promises you the ultimate panacea for every disease with its purely natural methods. It doesn’t stop with diagnose and treatment, Unani also prescribe measures to prevent the body from illness. According to practitioners of Unani medicine, achieving a balance of the bodily fluids known as “the four humors” (blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile) is essential to health. Another key principle of Unani medicine is that disease results from an imbalance in air, earth, water, and fire, four elements thought to comprise all that exists in nature, including the human body. In addition, Unani medicine is partly based on the principle that environmental conditions, including quality of water and air,) can significantly impact health.


Professional Doctors
Doctors with years of expertise and experience in Unani Medicine are all eyes and ears to provide the best treatment available for better health and wellbeing.
Hygienic Atmosphere
Being hygienic is half cured. Carewell assures every patient well maintained and properly treated hospital amenities to use during treatment at the clinic.
Integrated Approach
We are evolving to be the best to cure the unwell by planning and combining the emerging possibilities of Unani Medical System to ensure the wellness and absolute recuperation.

Our Partners

Our Doctors

Amanda Fergison

Throat Specialist

David Hoffred

Rehabilitation Therapy

Felicia Vitarro

Our experts are the best in the city
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Ortho Care - 95%
Neuro Care - 93%
Gastro Uro Care - 97%
ENT Care - 92%

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 – 19:00

Saturday – Sunday
9:30 – 18:30

We specialized in

  •  Unani Ortho Care
  • Unani Neuro Care
  • Unani Gastro Uro Care
  • Unani Allergy/ E.N.T Care

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